Vincentian Heritage Student Leadership Tour: Recommendation Form

Thank you for taking time to fill out the Student Leader Vincentian Heritage Tour recommendation. If you have trouble submitting the recommendation, please be sure to join the Meet Me at the Mission portal on DeHub.
Thank you for agreeing to complete this recommendation form. The Vincentian Heritage Student Leadership Tour is a unique opportunity for students who have demonstrated a commitment to leadership and service. Students who are selected for this intense and meaningful experience will take Catholic Studies 290 to learn more about Vincent de Paul, and will then participate in a 10 day trip to France to explore sights relevant to St. Vincent de Paul’s life. Upon return, they will be a part of facilitating events to share their Vincentian knowledge, wisdom and experience.

All application and recommendation materials must be submitted by Thursday, October 10th at 5pm.

Important Information about the next question. On a scale from 1 to 5 (where 1 = Poor, 3 = Average, 5 = Outstanding, and NA = No Available Information), please rank this student in the following areas: