Promotional Table Request Form (External Solicitors)

Promotional Table Request Form

Instructions & Key Information: 
  • Requests must be made one week prior to the first requested promotional table.

  • LPC and Loop requests must be made separately. 

  • This form must be completely filled out and submitted before you will be considered for a table.

  • Please note: A promotional table form submission does not guarantee that your request (or all the dates and times requested) will be approved.

  • An Office of Student Involvement staff member will review and approve your requests on a first come, first served basis.

  • If you would like to request a promotional table for multiple days throughout the week, please follow the instructions on the Dates and Times section of this form.

All student organization and outside vendors applying to use and using DePaul promotional tables should be aware of, and must comply with, the following policies and guidelines:

1. There is a limited amount of promotional table space available. At any given time, half of the promotional tables will be reserved for use by DePaul student organizations. Reservation request for qualified outside vendors will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. 

2. Promotional table space may not be used for credit card, bank, or phone company solicitation.

3. The Office of Student Involvement will provide one standard sized rectangular table and two chairs for each promotional table reservation. Each student organization or outside vendor will be assigned a table number and may use only that table. The Office of Student Involvement determines the location of the table. Any other equipment required, including audio/visual services, must be provided by the student organization or outside vendor making the reservation.

4. Any payments due must be made on the day of a reservation prior to set-up. Payment may be made by cash or check or credit.

5. Reservations for promotional table space must be cancelled one week in advance of the reservation date. Full payment is due for any cancellations made with less than one week’s notice. Repeated cancellations, repeated late cancellations, or failure to pay any amounts due could result in suspension of future promotional table privileges or opportunities, as well as other University sanctions or collections as applicable.

6. All extension cords and other similar hazardous items must be secured to the floor with duct tape. Student organizations and outside vendors are responsible for providing their own duct tape.

7. Storage facilities (including storage for items such as display cases and carts) and parking are not available, and are the responsibility of the student organization or vendor.

8. Promotional materials must be contained within the promotional table (or other agreed-upon reserved area). All materials must be promptly removed at the end of the reservation period. Any materials left beyond that time are subject to removal by DePaul University and may be disposed of at the University's discretion.

9. Student organization members and outside vendors must remain seated behind the promotional table at all times. Aggressive sales tactics and similar conduct will not be tolerated and may result in immediate suspension of promotional table privileges (without refund if applicable), as well as other University sanctions as applicable.

10. Posters and flyers related to promotional tables may be posted on approved bulletin boards on campus with stamped approval from the Office of Student Involvement (Loop DePaul Center 11027 or Lincoln Park Student Center 201). Posting is the sole responsibility of the student organization or vendor.

11. Promotional Tables and related materials, as well as the conduct of vendors and student organizations sponsoring the tables and materials, must comply with all university policies and procedures, including the Student Affairs Posting Procedures and any other policies or procedures set forth by the Office of Student Involvement or other University offices. DePaul University explicitly reserves the right to immediately stop, or restrict future, promotional table use by student organization or outside vendors who do not, in the sole discretion of DePaul University, adhere to all applicable policies, guidelines, and procedures.

In addition to the policies and guidelines above, in consideration for being permitted to solicit at DePaul University, an outside vendor reserving a promotional table agrees as follows:

1. Vendor is completely responsible for the prompt replacement of any defective merchandise or the prompt refunding of the purchase price of any defective merchandise. 

2. Vendor must provide all purchasers with the option of canceling any order for goods or services not yet received, if they provide vendor with written notification to this effect within five (5) working days after the date of purchase. 

3. Vendor agrees that DePaul University assumes no liability whatsoever regarding purchaser complaints as to merchandise or services provided. vendor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the University and its employees, officers, and Trustees from and against any expenses, damages, liability and costs (including costs of suit and attorney’s fees) caused by or arising form, directly or indirectly, any act or mission of vendor or its agents, contractor and employees, in connection with the use of the promotional table.

4. Vendor's products or services will in no way compete with any products or services already offered by DePaul University. 

5. Vendor will post a notice with its current name, address and telephone number. This notice will also outline replacement, refund and cancellation policies. Vendor will display this notice, at all times during which vendor is using a promotional table, in a location that is readily visible to purchasers. 

6. Vendor is responsible for the collection of any and all state and city taxes or service taxes relative to the product of service. Under no circumstances will DePaul University accept any responsibility for the tax obligations of vendor.

7. Vendors will not use any DePaul University trademarks or other intellectual property rights without prior approval from DePaul University. 

8. DePaul University reserves the right to prohibit sales of products or services that are contradictory to the University mission or to cancel a reservation for any reason with at least five (5) business days notice. Reservations cancelled by DePaul with less than five (5) business days notice will be refunded or given a credit for a future reservation.


Additional instructions for the previous question. Please provide purpose for the Promo Table (use the following as reference but please be specific): Promoting a specific event/ticket sales, Promoting product, etc.

Additional instructions for the previous question. Payment must be received before the promotional table set-up.

Officer Only Question: This question can only be answered by officers.

Additional instructions for the previous question. Please enter amount and if paid by check or cash. (Example. $150 check #12345)