Mid-Day Mindfulness

Join The Office of Health Promotion & Wellness for a 30-minute mid-day mindfulness exercise. Leave feeling grounded, centered, relaxed, and focused. We'll be implementing the "Take Care of Yourself" part of the Take Care DePaul message, because we know we can't pour from an empty cup! Sessions will take place throughout Welcome Week, which is scheduled for August 26-September 11. The sessions will be streamed live to Health Promotion & Wellness and Res Ed's facebook pages. Links to the videos on demand will be available following the events on this page.

Pre-Recorded Sessions (Videos linked in titles)


Box Breathing

Affirmations for Anxiety

Peaceful Visualization

Five Senses

Self-Love Affirmations

Grounding 2.0

Mindful Stretching

Mindful Journaling