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About Us

DePaul Net Impact is a chapter of the international non-profit organization Net Impact. It is the mission of DePaul Net Impact to provide DePaul University students a platform to engage with and become part of a network of leaders who believe in the power of individuals to create a positive economic, environmental, social change in their community; to educate students on sustainability; and increase the value of the education at DePaul. These aims and purposes of Net Impact overlap with the mission of DePaul University, especially its service-oriented Vincentian, Catholic ethos. A vibrant, active DePaul Net Impact chapter provides a unique opportunity to engage graduate and undergraduate students to further examine, explore, and articulate their desire for positive social impact.

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  • Join a member network of over 100,000 members
  • Network through one of 300+ Net Impact chapters
  • Participate in fun programs and solve challenging problems
  • Gain access to a job board and kick start your career
  • Find yourself a mentor

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