DePaul Socialists

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About Us

The DePaul Socialists (DPUS) is a group of revolutionary socialist students advocating for a socialist future. We are fundamentally anti-capitalist, anti-imperialism, anti-racist, anti-patriarchy, pro-LGBTQ+, pro-abortion, pro-disability justice, pro-Palestine, and more. We believe in the collective class power of workers and solidarity with all oppressed peoples. Only through a collective struggle from below will these people be liberated. We are informed by the political work of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Luxemburg, Davis, the Combahee River Collective, and countless others that came before us.









How We Work

As radical democracy is the foundation of socialist politics, our meetings and discussions are held in the most democratic and centralized way possible.

To help us in this feat, our main mode of internal communication is our Discord server. If you are interested in getting involved regularly, you will have to become familiar with the app, which we can help you with :) For security purposes, we do not share a link to our Discord publicly. Once we have met and established a relationship with you, we will share the link individually.

As for general communication, we use Mailchimp to send out emails to our email list which include weekly meeting topics as well as plugs for other events going on at DePaul and in the city.