What is the DePaul Esports Gaming Center?

The DePaul Esports Gaming Center is a place to flex your competitive edge in various esports titles. Whether you're a new player or seasoned veteran, this center is where you'll find all esports titles that are supported, as well as the various communities that support them.

Can I reserve the Gaming Center?

Yes! If you want to host a private event, practice, tournament, or workshop you can apply here:


How Do I Report Misconduct?

To report misconduct:


How do I get involed?

Send use an email or join our discord channel!

Email: depauleslb@gmail.com

Discord: discord.gg/depaulesports

Who Can Use the Gaming Center?

The Gaming Center is currently open to the entire DePaul community (please bring your DePaul ID).

Does DePaul have competitive esports teams?

Yes, we have competitive teams for multiple titles.

• League of Legends

• Overwatch

• Rocket League


• Fornite

• Hearthstone

• Pokemon

What leagues do DePaul esports teams compete in?

DePaul esports teams compete in multiple leagues:

• GGLeagues

• Collegiate StarLeague

• College Carball Association

• Collegiate Rocket League

• Big East

• Tespa


• North American Collegiate Counter Strike