Hybrid Meeting Resources

NOTE ON 9/30: This website is in draft form.

Student organizations interested in hosting a hybrid meeting can utilize Zoom+ and Trimodal Rooms.  Zoom+ and Trimodal Rooms can be requested via 25Live, which can be found here.  Use the guide below to help decide if a Zoom+ or Trimodal Room will better suit your needs.

A Zoom+ room will closely resemble a traditional classroom but will have a camera pointed at the podium and will have a connection to the mic.  A Zoom+ room may better suit your needs if:

  • Your organization is bringing a guest to a meeting that will have minimal discussion (IE: your meeting is a presentation followed by a Q&A).You are having a presenter join remotely.
  • Your group is anticipating 40 or more attendees.  Zoom+ rooms can have anywhere from 5-100 attendees or more, but if you have more than 40 people attending, a Zoom+ room may be your only option for a hybrid meeting.

A Trimodal room will have additional screens, cameras, and microphones throughout the space.  A Trimodal room may better suit your needs if:

  • Your organization is planning to have a robust discussion between in-person and remote guests.
  • Your group is anticipating 40 or less attendees.  Most Trimodal rooms are capped at 40 or less and groups larger than that may have trouble finding a space.