Plan an Event: Checklists

  1. Event planning can be hard, but these checklists are here to help! Through these checklists, you can manage the recommended tasks related to what you should be doing a month before your event, the week before the event, the day of the event, and after your event is over.
  2. Delegating Responsibilities
    1. Often times, there are a lot of tasks associated with hosting an event on campus. Before you get too far into your event planning process, meet with members of your student organization to discuss what resources exist that can help you plan your event. It helps to have friends that say they will help you plan your event, but sometimes a more formalized committee may be necessary to see to the success of your event on behalf of your organization.
  3. OSI is Here to Help!
    1. While the following task lists may provide general to-do list items, your event will have specifics that will be necessary to complete. If you are struggling to determine what things you may need to do to have a successful event, consider having a meeting with an OSI staff member. Feel free to email He or she will be happy to meet to discuss what specific things you may need and may be able to assist connecting you to campus resources you didn’t know were available.

Plan An Event OSI checklist 2018

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