Plan an Event: Location


The location of an event can greatly impact the success of an event. Carefully thinking through if the location of your event will provide the best experience for your event is key to having a successful event. DePaul University has many different meeting rooms and spaces that your organization can rent out. Some space do incur a cost while others are free. We encourage you to work with our office and your advisor to find the perfect space for your event. Listed below are some questions that can help you find that ideal venue.


  1. When determining what type of space you need, some questions to ask include:
    1. Which campus does it make sense for you to have your event on?
    2. Will your room require a special set up (IE: tables, chairs, stage, etc.) that might dictate where your event needs to be held?
    3. Will your event have an elevated nose level that may not be conducive for it to be held in an academic space while classes are in session?
    4. How many people will realistically be in attendance? Would a smaller space make it look like the event is more of a success instead of booking a large space like LPC Student Center 120AB?
    5. If you need to decorate, are there specific regulations that this space has for what you can and cannot do?
  2. Do You Need a Backup Date or Location?
    1. As you are planning- particularly if your event is outside or during a time with inconsistent weather consider setting a severe weather location or date. If there is a chance of snow, sever cold, or other weather related factors, it will benefit you to have a backup plan from the get go.
  3. Have you checked your surroundings?
    1. Does the space for your event allow you to accomplish your goal?
      1. Example: The sound from a karaoke night in Levan can disrupt other students in a classroom
    2. Does the physical space you have fit for the purpose of the event?
      1. 1. Example: If you organization is expecting 50+ people at your event it should only certain rooms on campus can hold more than that capacity.
  4. Systems/Programs to know

    **You will need to set up an ID and password for all systems**

    1. Event Management System (EMS)
      1. As a student leader you can reserve spaces in the Student Center, Quad, Monroe, and Cortelyou through EMS with your login and password.
      2. EMS website link:
    2. 25Live
      1. As a student leader you can reserve classrooms in Arts and Letters and Levan through 25Live with a user ID and password.[0
    3. Loop Room Reservations
      1. Rooms in the Loop campus can be reserved by emailing conference services at
        1. All Loop room request must include the following information. **All Loop room reservations are not confirmed until a signed contract is submitted to conference services and approved**
          1. First name, last name
          2. Student ID number
          3. Name of organization
          4. Date, time, and location of request
    4. Is Your Event Really an Event or should it be a Promo Table?
      1. Sometimes, organizations want to host events to disseminate information. While this is often an effective tool, there are circumstances in which an info table might be a better way to spread information. You can request a promo table by clicking the links below.
        1. Student Organization or Department
        2. External Vendors -
  5. Parking for non-DePaul Attendees
    1. All visitors coming to the Lincoln Park campus should be directed to park their vehicle in the Sheffield Parking Garage located at 2331 N. Sheffield or Clifton Parking Deck located at 2330 N. Clifton. The DePaul rate will be given if a validated ticket is presented to the attendant. Parking validation machines are located throughout campus including School of Music, Student Center 1st floor, SAC, Commons and Richardson Library.
    2. Departments who want to pay for their guests' parking should e-mail Parking Services ( and provide chargeback information. At this time, DePaul does not have parking facilities at the Loop Campus.