Plan an Event: Marketing

Marketing is an essential piece to any event and can help your organization increase attendance. Marketing also helps spread the word about your organization’s amazing event to our entire DePaul campus community.

  1. The Office of Student Involvement has a dedicated team of marketing specialists that can help your organization with:
    1. Create logos, promotional flyers, and other graphics
    2. Promote your organization through social media
    3. Create, update or redesign your organization’s website
  2. Tip: Schedule a meeting with one of our marketing specialists at least 2 weeks in advance to ensure your project will be completed on time
  3. Flyers
    1. Can be printed off in different sized in the Office of Student Involvement. Poster Print Request Form
      1. Requests are made in DeHUB at least 72 hours in advance.
      2. 20 X 30 (Standard Poster Size) Average Price Range: $5-10
      3. 42 X 53 (Loop Promo Wall and LPC Atrium Size) Average Price Range: $10-20
  4. Promotional Table
    1. A promotional table can be requested in DeHub This form must be completed at least 1 week before the requested dates
  5. Other marketing resources
    1. All the items listed below can be utilized by visiting the Office of Student Involvement located on the 2nd floor of the Student Center
      1. Butcher block paper
      2. Paper cutter
      3. Markers/Colored Pens/Crayons
      4. Sidewalk chalk
  6. Social media
    1. The OSI marketing team can promote your event through the DePaul Involvement social media platforms
      1. Lincoln Park
        1. Facebook: DePaul Office of Student Involvement
        2. Instagram - @DPUInvolvement
        3. Twitter - @DPUInvolvement
      2. Loop
        1. Facebook - DePaullooplife
        2. Instagram- @DePaulLoopLife
        3. Twitter - @DePaulLoopLife