Resource List

As a student organization, you bring life, culture, and education to our DePaul campus community. The Office of Student Involvement is committed to helping all clubs, groups, and organizations accomplish their goals. As a DePaul University student organization, you have access to a wide variety of different resources provided by the Office of Student Involvement. These resources come free or at a low cost to your organization. Our office is determined to provide all organizations with support and guidance all year round.

Listed below are different resources your student organization can utilize. If you have any questions about our resources or how to reserve an item please contact

Unless otherwise noted, you can request any of the below items through the OSI Resource Request Form here.


Interactive Games (request 1 weeks in advance)

These games are lots of fun and great for small groups of 2-8 people. You can use them as event elements when your organization plans campus wide events or have the option to use them as icebreakers or skill building activities to bring your organization closer together.

  • Assorted board gamesTug of war rope
  • Tug of war rope
  • Prize wheel
  • Wiffle Ball set
  • DePaul-themed Washers
  • DePaul-themed Corn hole/bags
  • BINGO Balls and Cage

Giant Games (request 2 weeks in advance)

These giant games will help your organization catch the eye of tons of different students as they walk by and want to join in!

  • DePaul-themed Jenga
  • Connect 4
  • DePaul-themed Checkers
  • Blow up bowling pins and ball
  • DePaul-themed Billards Soccer
  • DePaul-themed Chair inflatable
  • DePaul-themed Inflatable Pop-A-Shot (includes two hoops and 4 basketballs)

Miscellaneous Items (request 2 weeks in advance)

These items are different tools that will help your organization from everything to data tracking and trendy lights. Our portable speaker will also help you communicate with large audiences and keep your organization on track.

  • Portable speaker with microphone
  • ID swipe card reader (request 1 week in advance)
  • Inflatable screen
  • Walkie talkies
  • Photo Booth and Back Drop (PENDING ITEM)
  • Vintage Video Game systems
    • SEGA
    • Super Nintendo (2 available)
    • Nintendo
  • Uplights - 12 available
  • Follow Spotlight
  • Party lights
    • Multi-effect Plug & Play Light with Kinta, Laster, & SMD Strobe
    • Starburst Sphere Plug & Play Effect Light
    • Mushroom Plug & Play Effect Light


Event Food/Drink

Food and drinks are an essential part of any event. The Office of Student Involvement wants to help you provide that food and drinks to help get the most students at your events.

  • Free Pepsi Request (forms must be complete in DeHub at least 2 weeks in advance)
    • NOTE: Organizations are allowed 6 cases of Pepsi products per term for a total of 18 cases per year
  • Popcorn Machine (requested 2 weeks in advance)
    **Organization will be charged a $25 rental cost to cover popcorn and bag supplies** - Upon request of