Louise's Sewing Club

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About Us

Louise's Sewing Club is a group of DePaul students, staff, and faculty who have access to sewing machines and want to assist with creating PPE supplies for Chicago area health care workers (If you do not have a machine we can supply one). Members of Louise's Sewing Club will have supplies mailed to them, will create PPE supplies such as gowns and face masks, and then will ship materials back for use by Chicago health care workers.

Named in honor of Louise de Marillac, Louise's Sewing Club is a volunteer group coming together to help health care workers.

If sewing is not for you, do not fear.  You can still be involved by donating to the cause.  DePaul has created an inspireDePaul page for PPE funding.  Stop by the page and see what your contribution can do for this great cause! inspireDePaul









How It Works

The mission of Louise's Sewing Club is simple: Make PPE materials to help Health Care Workers.  See below for more on how this works.


Join Louise's Sewing Club

Join Louise's Sewing Club through DeHub, DePaul's organization community.


Sew PPE Masks & Gowns

Using your own sewing machine, create masks and gowns that will be used by Health Care Workers in the Chicagoland area.


Fill out the Information Form

Fill out the Information Form below so we know where to mail supplies.


Mail Back Completed PPE for Health Care Workers

Using a provided shipping label, mail back completed PPE products to be used by Health Care Workers.

Louise's Sewing Club is part of the Illinois PPE Network.

We are a group of volunteer makers, educators, librarians, scientists, museum staff, and other public servants who're fabricating personal protective equipment (PPE) for the State of Illinois. Originally formed at DePaul University, the Illinois PPE Network is now comprised of individuals from DePaul, Northwestern University, Chicago Public Schools, Chicago Public Libraries, the Museum of Science and Industry, the Swedish Face Shield Group, the Chicago Peace Fellows, Nation of Makers, and a multitude of Illinois makerspaces, libraries, and other schools.