Throughout the year Sigma Alpha Epsilon holds many great events all year round.

-Mixers, year round we host many mixers with many of the sororities that are part of DePaul. Mixers could be anything from pumpkin patches in the Fall to Kickin It With The Kids.

-Bi-Annual Yacht party, every year we hold 2 yacht parties on Lake Michigan. Once in the Fall, where we celebrate the start of a new school year. And once in the Spring, where we celebrate our seniors that are leaving and also celebrating the end of the school year.

-Formals, as DePaul’s only student organization who leaves the state for our annual formal dance, we pride ourselves on this amazing finale event. IL Delta Pi holds their formal near the end of every academic year to celebrate another year of hard work, dedication, grueling hours of study, and philanthropy, for a relaxing weekend at a venue of our choosing. It truly is the big finale of another great year. It’s where we reminisce with our brothers, congratulate our seniors, and officially introduce the new executive board.