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The problems that affect sports are the same ones that affect people in their everyday lives, from labor agreements to discrimination. The DePaul Journal of Sports Law is a student-produced journal that explores these critical issues with articles written by practitioners and students









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The purpose of the DePaul Journal of Sports Law shall be to provide a resource for comprehensive legal analysis and research of contemporary sports-related law issues to members of the academic community, sports industry, and legal professionals through the publication of a quality law journal. The legal issues raised in these fields frequently draw from diverse areas of agency law, antitrust law, constitutional law, contract law, copyright law, employment law, labor law, and trademark law. The Journal serves as a forum in which academics and experienced practitioners can discuss the law as it relates specifically to the sports industry.

The mission of the Journal shall be to educate the public and encourage active participation in the research and analysis of current legal issues involving sports in a manner that fosters the intellectual development of students and professionals.

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