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A Letter from the IFC President

We, the Interfraternity Council, exist to promote the shared interests and values of our member fraternities: leadership, service, brotherhood, and scholarship. We believe in Fraternity and that the shared values of Fraternity drive the IFC to create better communities, better chapters, and better men. We work to advance the academic mission of DePaul, to enable fraternal organizations to grow and thrive through collaboration and teamwork, to provide an outlet for self-governance and accountability, and to model and teach ethical leadership. In a spirit of mutual support and betterment, we, the men of the Interfraternity Council, pledge to elevate the Ritual and the values of the member organizations.

The past year, I feel, defines the word turbulence, being in a state of constantly changing regulations, social pressures, and the fear of hurting those around us. Never before have students been asked to stay away from their peers for over a year, to protect their loved ones and the community around them, yet here we are. Though intimidating at first, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought people together in the rally for a better cause, albeit virtually. Through college, we have learned that life is best engaged collaboratively, but the strength of our organizations is not lost when tragedy strikes us apart.

I thank my board for this year, as the group of men who join me help establish a new way of operating the IFC at DePaul. Having attended the IFC Academy in January and the Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values conferences in February, the team behind me is well equipped to restructure our logistics, add programming to the community, and reinvigorate our charitable/philanthropic work. With a group of leaders well versed in their positions, I am confident that this year will end with a more substantial IFC presence than in years past.

As have I believed before my term as President, I believe that there is a necessity to create institutional changes to address the issues of the past year. Firstly, my main prerogative for my term is addressing systematic racism and issues of diversity on campus. To this end, our board is dedicated to implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion training into the fraternity experience starting in the fall of 2021. Similar to our current obligatory sexual assault prevention training, this course will expose themes like biases, bystander intervention, microaggressions, and implementing inclusion and equality into one’s everyday life at school and beyond. Additionally, we are mandating a COVID-19 Task Force’s implementation within each chapter to prioritize the necessity for keeping our members and their families safe during these trying times.

I believe that Fraternal life has shaped my college experience to be one of acceptance, academic achievement, and community engagement. My time as a Sigma Phi Epsilon brother and Interfraternity Council board member has shown me the merits of challenging work and putting our community’s success over just that of my individual gains. I have learned that a stronger bond between myself and my brothers and sisters has implications for my potential for a future career, shaping my ability to be a leader and a fighter for causes more significant than myself. Those in this community can attest that their chapters have been resources for studying, finding internships, and being a rock when you need someone to have your back. Though we face many challenges, especially in this turbulent year, we know that a solid commitment to our chapters will lead towards Vincentian outcomes for our school and students and teach our undergraduates the values we wish to incorporate for the rest of our lives.

Your IFC President,

Jonah Benthusen