Lambda Theta Alpha Latin Sorority, Incorporated

Latin by tradition, not by definition


Rooted in Our Purpose

The purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha shall be to provide a sisterhood based on unity, love and respect in an effort to foster the development of strong leaders who will then provide and practice political, social and cultural activities. It shall also be the purpose of Lambda Theta Alpha to promote unity through charitable and educational programs, maintain a higher standard of learning and serve as a voice for all students.









Why LTA?

Lambda Theta Alpha was the first sorority of its kind. The pioneering actions of the sorority’s Founding Mothers have allowed independent women on campus to feel a sense of belonging, while providing a space to achieve their highest academic and professional potential. As a result, Lambda Theta Alpha has come to define a new role for the universal woman – one with education, goals and vision in hope of great success.


Founded as an academic sorority, the academic achievement of our sisters is integral to their development and active membership. We make education a high priority. We ensure our sisters’ academic excellence by providing resources and support for chapter educational programming, which includes hosting study skills workshops, time management seminars and study sessions not only for sisters but entire campus communities.


Our sorority nurtures an environment meant to challenge sisters to think critically about the complex world around them. Thinking more effectively allows them to better respond to adversity and leads to improved decision-making. By developing their leadership skills, intrapersonal/interpersonal skills, network and support system, our sisters attain the core competencies and skill development essential to their growth as leaders on campus and transition into the workplace.


Since its inception, Lambda Theta Alpha has believed in social justice and equality. One way our sisters realize these beliefs is through our Political Education Initiative, which brings awareness to issues affecting marginalized communities and sisters. Using our position as leaders on campus and in the community, we strive to continue working towards the enrichment of the disenfranchised – dedicating our time to not only raising awareness, but also bringing about reform for access to opportunities and prosperity for all.

Our Team

Mariah Aquino
Laura Aranda
Angelica Gonzaga
Frida Campos
Gabriela Ruiz