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Are you Ready to DO Things Differently?


What Is Performance Studies?

A critical investigation in how culture and identity are done, and potentially DONE DIFFERENTLY, in and through the body. Performance is political. Performance is artistic. Performance is playful. Performance is an ongoing experiment of who you could be, who we might be as a community, and how empathy and social change are radically creative projects.

What Is Performance Studies work?

Our classes are laboratories of innovation, community building and possibility. Performance Studies courses range from interrogations of how we perform gender, race, and identity in our daily lives, to performance of humor, storytelling and performance art.

Find your voice

Interested in theater? In dance? In painting, poetry, spoken word, slam poetry, political organizing, stand up comedy, critical theory or sharing your story? Have you wondered felt like there is a different voice in you that you are wanting to explore, experiment with, and bring out into the world. Are you ready to do something different? Come check us out.

Our Courses and Activities

While DePaul has faculty across the university with Performance Studies training and expertise (ex. Theater, Women& Gender Studies, Philosophy, History), the Performance Studies program is located in the College of Communication. Our introduction course to performance is called CMN 230 Performance: Communication, Creativity and the Body. In addition to this and many other courses, the performance program hosts performance showcases, student group events, and opportunities to share and develop work.

The Performance Studies Minor









Our Faculty and Student Leaders

Dustin Goltz
Stephanie Howell


Performance Studies DePaul

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