Standing Committees

Standing Committees Explanation

Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs Updates

  • Keith Noward, EVP for Academic Affairs
  • Mariana Byker, Senator for LAS
  • Breanna Vazquez, Senator for the School of Music
  • Sabah Sulaiman, Senator for CSH
  • Erica Debelak, Senator for CDM
  • Mason Decker, Senator for College of Business

Diversity & Equity

The Diversity & Equity committee aims to take a community-based approach when pursuing initiatives that promote diversity and inclusion. Our committee is currently focused on the creation of an ad hoc committee to support undocumented students, and including student voices in the revision of the University's mission statement.

Please contact, Robbie Merkel (, for additional information and/or meeting times.

  • Robbie Merkel, EVP for Diversity & Equity, Chair of Committee
  • Jessica Nalupta, Senator for Mission and Ministry
  • Miranda Garcia, Senator for First Generation
  • Carolina Aceves, Senator for Intercultural Awareness
  • Nghi Thai, Senator for International Students


The Operations committee primarily works with the Facility Operations division at DePaul to express student concerns. Representing one of the largest total constituencies, the Operations committee handles nearly any issue students face. Some focus areas include sustainability, dining, and safety on campus.

Meeting Times: Wednesdays from 4:15-5pm

Link to Agendas and Minutes

Point of contact: Wesley Janicki,

  • Wesley Janicki, EVP for Facility Operations, chair
  • Alik Schier, Senator for First Year Students
  • Julianna De Leon, Senator for Second Year Students
  • Brandon Tejeras, Senator for Third Year Students
  • John Milas, Senator for Fourth and Fifth Year Students
  • Judy Zakieh, Senator for Sustainability

Student Affairs

Student Affairs Updates

  • Marcus Robertson, EVP of Student Affairs
  • Francesca La Rocca, Senator for Transfer Students

Note: A record of previous meeting minutes for all committees can be found on DeHUB here.